AWS Serverless Compute – AWS Lambda

CloudLink is a Select Consulting Partner of AWS. With a large and comprehensive range of serverless computing, migration, and machine learning solutions, AWS helps CloudLink to carry out revolutionary data activation solutions for our clients quickly and easily.

AWS Cloud is designed for the most demanding solutions and provides efficient data processing services. With AWS, we can optimize the power of our solutions and scale up and down) to meet the storage needs of customers, knowing that the data is in Amazon’s managed and accredited public cloud.

Amazon Lambda plays an essential role in receiving requests from the API gateway, and then processing these requests by collaborating with other services such as Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) or Amazon DynamoDB, etc.

This pay-per-usage model is especially useful for our clients who have multi-regional web service representation.

Why Serverless with AWS

Emphasize the importance

Run your code and concentrate on your product.

Automated scale

Let AWS scale your resources based on traffic patterns.

Pay only for usage

With AWS Lambda, you pay only for the duration of the invocation.

Faster time on the market

With AWS serverless services, you can bring the idea to the market much quicker with a lower entry level.

Severless Capabilities

Cloud logic layer

Lambda will serve as a control plane and logic layer for all your interconnected programs, tools and Web APIs. Define, orchestrate and run production grade applications without the need for management and infrastructure.

Automation & Application Modeling

AWS Serverless Application Platform to model and deploy serverless applications and services. Continuously deliver the applications using the automation services of CloudLink.

Reliability & Performance

AWS offers  high availability, and low-cost efficiency for internet-scale applications. Lambda efficiently implements the business logic with features like dead letter queues & automatic retrieval.

Go AWS Serverless!

Modernize your software architecture with serverless that allows you to minimize your expenses, accelerate the development of applications, and reduce the time of making the product available to the market.

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