Industries we work with

We understand that each industry we work with have specific requirements and complexities, as well as demands and unique operating ways. We have the experience, expertise and resources to understand your industry and business needs, and our certified consultants and architects can help you take up any challenges you may be facing and deliver bottom-line improvements.

Medical and health

The growing awareness pertaining to personalized healthcare through secure data share has led to the significant demand for healthcare cloud computing, and the increase in digitization of medical records, offers more voluminous and varied digital data to maximize the potential benefit of cloud solutions. In addition, healthcare cloud computing offers easy access to patient information through secured networks, thus eliminating the data privacy concerns. Our experts understand the complexity of the industry, so we make sure that your medical practice is safe and efficient, with the expert knowledge and the right resources.

Internet and information technology

Cloud computing is one of the latest models for the delivery of services in the field of information technology. In the world of clouds, companies have a wide range of choices in planning, purchasing and assembling cloud solutions. These tactics help you reduce costs, increase flexibility of service delivery and stimulate innovation. No matter your requirements, we work to understand your business objectives and develop IT systems that help you achieve your goals.

Transport and logistics

Cloud computing can be used in all areas of logistics, from warehouse operation control to inventory and supply chain management and even transport optimization. It can offer you prodigious flexibility, as it allows you to access data and modules from anywhere, with no need to install softwares or manage servers : The cloud provider takes care of everything. We have a broad range of expertise to help our customers respond to evolving markets in transport and logistics, as well as to meet the demands of companies looking to deliver supply chain visibility and efficiency solutions.

Insurance and banking

Being flexible in a sector as secure as banking or insurance is not an easy task, and neither is converging the cloud into a bank's IS. CloudLink meets this challenge and our advisors work with leading insurance providers, financial and health insurers, to build practical cloud solutions and resolve their most pressing strategic issues.

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