Cloud x Business Intelligence

Cloud-based Business Intelligence is the process of transforming mere data into valuable information. It provides meaningful insights with the help of technology, which is conducted in the cloud environment. CloudLink’s Business Intelligence services can be used in all industry categories. It can help you collect and exploit your data, with speed and simple usability, scalability and elasticity, depending on your business’ needs.

Business Intelligence solves a wide range of business problems, eliminates silos and manages knowledge and data in a transversal way.

CloudLink – we help companies assess their skills and choose a new direction which utilizes the talents of the team and resources most productively.

Information Analysis and Automation

With our graphical analysis and automation features, you can bid farewell to spreadsheets and pivot tables and welcome fully interactive visual reports to help you analyze your processes and have better insights about your business.

We support you to become an expert data explorer in easy-to-use platforms rather than depending upon IT professionals to retrieve data for you. Data exploration is the key in mastering the preliminaries of Business Information.

Our information analysis and automation solutions allow data to be accessed and prepared from different sources.

Customer Experience Improvement

By signing up to our services, you can easily manage standards and compliance to improve service delivery for your clients and consumers.

Our solutions keep your company updated on potential customer trends through the provision of reports to align your products with your clients’ specifications and expectations.

You will gain deeper insights about your data, identify potential target markets for your potential customers and optimize your business efficacy.

Process Visibility

With our expert BI solutions, you can monitor your inventory usage and equipment at any time and place to aid you to improve the supply chain, evaluate employee performance, enhance workplace and customer communication and ensure timely delivery of your products.

Our process visibility reports allow you to better negotiate your terms and conditions with contractors and drive employee engagement by elevating the quality of products and minimizing expenditures. Monitor supplies in your inventory, minimize stockouts, and utilize point-of-sale knowledge to ensure availability and timely delivery of your products.

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