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Migrating IBM Operational Decision Manager to the Amazon Web Services cloud

Nowadays many enterprises move their decision services to clouds utilizing new serverless architecture. They simply upload their code and serverless takes care of everything required to run and scale this code with high availability. 

The most popular today’s serverless environment is AWS Lambda. It allows you to deploy and run your decision services without even thinking about servers and to pay only for the execution time your services consume.

This reduced overhead lets developers reclaim time and energy that can be spent on developing great products which scale and that are reliable.

Rapid Migration of Enterprise Business Applications to AWS

The customer housed their applications in a standard data center that placed limits on their ability to scale on-demand, a problem that became increasingly relevant with the new COVID-19 pandemic and the expected enormous amount of traffic to the business’s website.

The physical design of the infrastructure also contributed to the incorrect simulation of the production environment by non-production environments. This left the operating teams struggling with the amount of effort needed for each release of their key business application coping with and fixing outages as they did while the developer’s pace was slowed due to a lack of confidence in implementing change.

Other limitations included restricted internal environment management tools and a content management system (CMS) platform that was unable to offer key capabilities.


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